Have money: Lack of it can be horrific for any man

Money is root of all evil so the saying goes. This is not entirely true because so long as you have made money your God, then it is bound to put you on an mental overdrive. I believe having none is even worse.

I have been on both ends of the stick and I know too well that having no money has put me in very poor mental state because that is when I see so many priorities and no matter how much I stretch the money at my disposal, it cannot be stretched to cater for all my needs.

My priorities become blurry and before I know it, the money is blown and the vicious cycle repeats itself.

The term being ‘broke’ of course, is subjective because even those who make tidy amounts of money sometimes claim to be broke.

Lack of money kills
You are so broke that apart from your daily ration of food and other necessities, you cannot run things.

The first thing that is thrown out through the window is your sexual appetite. You may sleep next to your partner but sex, being one of of those things that depend your mental wellbeing will be the first chuck out of your life.

Prospects of having money at a future date is what motivates people to work. The mere knowledge of month-end is very comforting.

The fact that it makes you credit worthy makes one look forward to month-end. However, in these hard times, having a side gig makes sense in that rarely do people earn enough to make ends meet.

Brokenness' brings apathy
The absolute lack of interest to look for money is what is obvious in the lives of many broke persons catapulting them further into poverty.

This comes when they compare themselves with their peers and realise their weaknesses in as far as material wealth is concerned - they will find themselves in limbo instead of trying whatever they can to solve their financial problems.

Their woes increase and a sense of desperation creeps in. Their self-worth will most likely be washed and will drink excessively. Finally, being broke gives one an entirely different perspective on cash flow, debt management and his or her own financial well-being.

You learn that there is a big difference between looking like you have money and actually having it. You also learn to live within your means and the real-life consequences of unplanned purchases.

And most importantly, you become willing to do anything and everything to make sure that you are never broke again.