Why sports betting growth matters to the financial sector

Gaming and financial sectors are two peas in the pod – the latter grows unlimitedly as a result of the rise of the former. To successfully place a wager, a gamester needs to have money to take his/her shots as many times as possible.

The large cash prizes offered by the most betting firms are banked for security grounds. Under the bank’s custody, cash prizes are charged huge service levies that help those custodians to raise capital and improve banking services owing to the hefty cash flows in the financial domain.

Undeterred by the cash prizes, bookies open up special accounts for bagging in money collected from the sports wagers. Given the proliferation of the bookmarkers, multiple commercial banks that tie deals with these industry leaders benefit from the surging deposits and expanding customer base.

Going further, the financial ecosystem skyrockets the more gamblers are exposed to the fresh and friendly avenues of betting every day. Players can now place their wagers at a few buttons of their mobile phones as long as their mobile wallets are topped up. Mobile money operators (MNOs) such as TigoPesa, M-Pesa, Halopesa and Airtel Money help with easing mobile money transactions for bettors and bookies. For bettors, they will save time and energy to wander around for self-serve kiosks when aiming at betting on lucrative odds or collect his/her prize money once the bet wins. For bookies, they will secure betting money from the players. This still makes sure cash flow is vibrant and financial services are up and running.

SportPesa, the leading sports bookmarker in the country, is hailed for producing the very first sports-betting billionaires and being active in promoting the growth of the financial sector due to its attachment with some renowned financial entities in the country. At SportPesa, lucrative cash prizes that are in contention and all wagers are banked with the CRDB Bank, as the safe custodian of all deposits. But the market-leading MNOs (TigoPesa, M-Pesa, Halopesa and Airtel Money) are entrusted with the e-betting as they provide SportPesa subscribers with the simplest means of placing wagers against large cash prizes and move them a step forward to winning.

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